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16+ times when animals behaved stupidly, but did not lose their cuteness

Animals are our little fluffy friends and our smaller brothers, which need to be protected and cherished, if it is, of course, not a tiger or a hippopotamus (although they can be cute too). And, of course, the most cute and foolish are cats and dogs, which are closest to humans and sometimes do things that it is impossible not to photograph and post on the Web!

Sleeping puppy fangs

A ferocious predator attacking a peacefully hanging lamp chain

When you are a little different from everyone else, but still very cute

Toothy Watermelon Eater

“My Irish Wolfhound puppy is trying to eat his older sister.”

He looks like he just ate a lemon.

“Caught my dog ​​looking like it was silting up with laughter.”

“This is my tail. There are many similar ones, but this one is mine “

“My mom saved a new dog. His name is Buster “

“She likes to watch me eat”

Tell me, do you hear that chomping too?

She took revenge on him

“Sometimes my cat behaves like crazy.”

Least photogenic husky

He’s clearly not a fan of the heat

“When mom ignores you for 0.2 seconds.”

The transition from “meow” to “aaah!” in a split second

He is clearly not very happy to be in a tuxedo.

Hi Sid! How are you doing?

Dog: om-nom-nom

Cat: nervous laugh