16+ touching and funny times when pets grew up, but their habits did not change

How fast pets grow! It seems that just yesterday you brought a fluffy lump that could be hidden in your palm, but today this lump takes up a whole chair. However, despite the fact that pets grow up, some of their habits remain unchanged from childhood, and this is insanely cute. See for yourself!

1. “It’s been 6 months, and my cat Tito still likes to lie under the same chair.”

2. “8 weeks – 4 months – 8 months”

3. “Comfortably settled on the shoulder, the difference is 4 years”

4. Age changes, but love yelling – no

5. “First ride home … And every car ride since then.”

6. “Still sleeping with the same friend”

Yes, animals sometimes get very attached to their toys, even if they chew on them. Just look at how cats and dogs feel when their owners fix their toys!

7. “The same sofa after 3 years”

8. “The same shoe and the same dog”

9. “The same capacity, a year has passed”

10. “15 weeks and 7 months”

11. “The same chair, 3 months difference”

In the first photo, the puppy has 3 meat, and in the second, respectively, 6 months old. How quickly other people’s dogs grow!

12. “The same cat, the same basket, the difference is 4 years.”

13. “Since July 2019, the table has shrunk in a strange way.”

14. “Drake was lying in the same way 3 years ago. I can’t resist taking a picture “

15. “Different years, but the same toy”

16. Still the same sleepy smile

17. There are things that don’t change

18.2 months and 1.5 years

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