17+ adult pets who love their toys just like they did when they were kids

Most of us in childhood had a favorite toy, with which we did not want to part for a minute and took everywhere with us. So dogs and cats do the same – often, toys with which they played as crumbs, remain their favorite in adulthood. In these before and after photos, you will see adorable animals growing up with their favorite toys.

Still sleeping with his friend

Favorite duck

A year later, he still likes to sleep next to this bear.

Then and now

The cat and his favorite box

In fact, he loves him

8 months later

Favorite dog toy 8 years later

Maya then and now

Look at what this cat turned a poor monkey into in a year and a half.

4 years later, he also loves to play with his teddy bear

This toy panda used to be the size of him

7 years later, he still loves this duck.

Then and now

Rocky’s favorite toy

Six months later, she still loves this packaging.

This parrot used to be bigger than himself

This old toy with holes has seen better days, but it’s her favorite.

Remy 4 months later

Benny and his favorite toy 9 months later


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