17+ cases in a photo hunt that turned out to be so unfortunate that they even became cool

Animals that are wild rarely pose for a photographer of their own free will. And the dog Sharik very rightly noticed that at first you run after them for half a day in order to take a picture, and then for another half day you wonder – did it work out or not? Because some shots are so unique that we simply do not know what category they belong to! Can you help us?

New species – Fukushima seagull, eared and throaty

“He rang the doorbell himself, and then stared at us through the glass.”

It seems that someone wants to appropriate someone else’s. Yes baby?

Owls hid during daylight hours and watch children at play

Really toptygin mastered two-wheeled transport? Or, out of habit, he dined as a tourist, but he drags the good into the den – what should be lost?

The cat’s ass is not at all what the photographer was going to photograph.

Who said that the heron is graceful and graceful in flight? See for yourself!

The deer can tease too! Like this!

Gus sincerely does not understand the hobbies of these urbanites – what are they doing?

The “Angry Birds” label has been captured very well!

What do we have here? Do you have permission to shoot?

What, thought to sneak up from behind, would-be photographer?

I almost do the same when I am unexpectedly awakened.

Possum is a bad joke! By the way, the doghouse, but where is she?

Fig! This is the meeting, everyone thought from their side of the glass!

Not ashamed to peep, huh? All sorts of people walk around here with their cameras.

Raccoon, well, you and…. obscene epithets!

And here’s how to call such a shot? Explicit fail? Or unclean but wine?

Just hawks on a springboard

Here’s to you, photographer

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