17+ cases when cats showed owners that they wanted to purr for all their human rules

Those who have a cat or a cat at home probably wondered at least once whether their pets came from another planet. Indeed, sometimes their behavior defies any earthly logic, and human rules seem to them an empty sound. After all, how to explain to a cat what work and personal space are? That’s right, no way! That is why such incidents happen, as in the photos below.

1. “Master, don’t eat, think”

2. “The tree lasted 12 hours”

3. “He easily lets me know that I pay little attention to him when I weave.”

4.0 shame

5. The main bun in the house

6. “Romantic dinner in the garden”

7. When the cat has its own ideas about what is beautiful and what is not

Every time I line up pictures, Stevie jumps and hangs them up in his own way.

8. “Once the cat found Valerian, she destroyed her in a week.”

9. “Enough News for Today”

10. “Turned away for a minute, and she turned rice into her toilet.”

11. “I wanted to take the cat to the vet, but she didn’t want to go there.”

We found a compromise, and I went to the emergency room.

12. “So what, there are dishes here”

13. “My father is trying to eat quietly”

14. “No bow in this house!”

15. A gift from the whole kitty’s soul, which for some reason the owners did not appreciate

16. With cats, you can forget about loneliness

17. “The main decoration of the house is me!”

18. Crouching bite, hidden to grab

Waiting to attack as soon as I touch the keyboard.

19. You don’t even need to take footprints to find the culprit


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