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17+ examples of blatant arrogance when cats proved that they did not value the personal space of the owners

People have pets to give them their love and find a friend who will save them from loneliness. But this also has another extreme: sometimes the owners seem to need to be alone, but if there is a cat in the house, you should forget about it. After all, tailed beasts do not put human personal space into anything: they will lie on the keyboard when you work, on your face when you sleep, and you certainly won’t be able to eat or go to the toilet without their fluffy company. See for yourself!

The face is the best pillow

The cutest thing to distract while working

Every morning I wake up with this furball on my face

It was so much cuter when she was a tiny kitty.

Do you love a cat, love him on your face too

How to explain to the teacher why the lessons are not ready?

No restroom privacy


Cat vs sports

When the owner is in the bath

I don’t think I play minecraft today

Fights without rules on the back

Good night

Sometimes animals do not just sleep with their owners, but also completely insolently squeeze out their sleeping places. We have a selection of examples.

Garden work

Audacity second happiness

This chapter is over

It is very cute when the cat rests on your forehead with a fang

Eat without me?

People are furniture