17+ extremely weird cats that look cute but still look like they’re from another planet

In the event that you think that cats are adequate, then you just do not know them well. Cat owners unanimously claim that their pets are definitely not from our planet, otherwise how to explain their strange and sometimes rather abnormal, but cute behavior?

“This is how he likes to watch birds.”

“This is how Gus tries to smile.”

“Now I will get up and you will definitely not be good”

“My cat tore all the templates when it was created.”

“He sees something that does not exist”

Baphomet woke up

Bang Bang

“Jake does yoga in the yard”

“She’s so special”

“I am convinced that ginger cats are narrow-minded, but very cute”

“He has a new box”

“Today I photographed my boyfriend and our cat, and since then we can’t stop laughing.”

Ceiling fan: improved version

This kitty is clearly not a master of posing.

She discovered a new feline skill in herself.

Strange creature living on land


“I can be your angel … or your devil

“This is my strange cat”

“Cats sleep so cute!” Nuuuu, not always …


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