17+ hardworking cats who have a job and no longer need a human to pay for food

The fact that cats sleep 15 or more hours a day does not make them lazy. And these photos are here to prove it. Whether it’s a photo of a selfless cat who just donated blood, or a hilarious snapshot of a “repair cat” who falls asleep in a toolbox, these photos confirm that cats are not lazy hairballs, but fluffy hard workers.

This is the beauty Mia, and she donates blood to help other cats. This time, she received wet food, a tiny piece of ice cream and a whole basket of toys as payment.

He lied on his resume but got the job anyway

“Oh, you brought a dog. Hooray. Today’s Special: Free Castration “

Worked out and fell asleep

“This is little Kim. She works at our local music store and welcomes every customer.”

A cat that acts as a luxurious background for photos

Security guard in Istanbul, Turkey

This stern cat guards a watermelon farm in Thailand, and you definitely don’t want to approach him.

Bookstore employee in Kaui

Keeps order. Clutter doesn’t interest him

Chivas is a cat-firefighter from Kiev, who has the rank of major, uniform, and a sleeping place in a paper tray in the chief’s office

A construction cat that even has its own vest

This cat wandered around the hospital for a year, and in the end he was hired as a security guard.

“Furry security guard in my dorm”

“The cat my boyfriend found at work now works in a flower shop with my mom.”

“Come on Tuesday, your dress is not ready yet”

Salem (the cat from the TV series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”) walked the red carpet at the premiere of the series, and even posed a little

“This is Narco, the pharmacist cat from the pharmacy I work for. Instead of helping, he just rips up our chairs and sleeps all day. Somehow he still gets paid more than anyone else.”

“Well, how are you feeling?”

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