17+ Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs And Owls Fused Together (DOWLS)

The dog and owl hybrids.

In this era of technology and photoshop, nothing is unexpected and impossible. We have seen many celebrities use photoshopping techniques to touch up or completely change their appearances. But there are many forms and types of photoshop. If used properly, it can be very helpful. Personally, I think photoshop culture is toxic. There is another form of photoshop that is used by the members of our society. Photoshop is also used to create funny memes, for everyone to have a laugh at. I, myself, love memes and really enjoy such photoshops.

We are showing you guys some random photoshopped pictures of dogs and owls. Yes, you heard it right. They are called Dowls. Have you guys ever wondered what does the hybrid of dog and owl look like? I am sure you guys have never imagined that, and neither had I. It is not something we wanted but definitely something we needed to see. If you want to see what does the hybrid of a dog and an owl looks like then keep scrolling…

1. So, here is your Dowl.

2. This is so realistic!

3. This one looks like a dowl possessed by the devil.

4. A pug! Hilarious.

5. Woah, woah, woah. Hold up…

6. Uh, this is kind of scary.

7. Look! It is a flying pug. Amazing!

8. Aww, a sad one.

9. This one is very realistic too.

10. Oh, God. No.

This is what I think is the best use of photoshop ever. Just for fun, pure comedy. It is the funniest thing you will see on the internet today. Yeah, we have to admit it is a bit creepy but you have to admit you can not stop yourself from smiling at your screen watching this. I can not imagine these dog and owl hybrids actually existing. That would be very creepy and scary to look at. Keep scrolling, we have some more left.

11. Something about this is so wrong.

12. No. Just, no

13. Thank goodness, a dowl does not really exist.

14. Aww.

15. Why do all pugs look depressed and curious?

16. This is the definition of creepy and weird.

17. The weird creatures in my nightmares look somewhat like these.

18. Another sad pug.

19. This hybrid better not be real.

20. Funny? Yes. Creepy? 100%.

You probably did not imagine these to be so creepy. I can not seem to contain my laughter but I am really creeped out by these Dowls. Super cringy. Let’s hope I do not have nightmares about Dowls. Man, that does not even sound nice. I am very glad that these do not actually exist. They are just stupid man-made creations. But we better hide it before scientists find this post and try to mix a dog and an owl’s DNA. Please, this is only bearable as a photoshop picture for a laugh. I just want to have a little chat with the creators of these pictures. What were they thinking? How did they come up with this idea? I really need to know, I am beyond curious right now. Like, what was the reason? Anyway, if you enjoyed these pictures, let us know in the comments down below and why did you enjoy these? It is insane! You, my friend, need help.

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