17+ photos of animals that behave like top-notch pests and are not at all shy about it

Animals seem to be concentrated cute only until one of them appears in your home. This is where it becomes clear what these pussies are actually capable of. Torn slippers or wool in your tea are just flowers compared to those mini-disasters that many owners face. Looking at the devastating consequences of the fun of animals, sometimes you can only sigh and pick up the camera to film the resulting disgrace.

1. Squirrels in my yard are constantly stealing light bulbs. I finally caught one in the act!

2. What is so tasty there?

3. Man, let’s play?

4. New curtains

5. No signs of regret on the face

6. Catch the thief in shaggy pants!

7. How to make a mistress cry with one movement of her tail

The front door was ajar, so I looked for the cat everywhere. I searched the house and neighboring plots for 3 hours. I called her, panicked and cried until I finally looked up. All this time, my cat was watching me.

8. What kind of billiards? I have procedures here

9. Can I sleep on the couch today? You are welcome!

10. He doesn’t help me with my work at all.

11. Kitten in a split second after I went to the toilet

12. The guy wanted to take a picture of this glass of wine, but the dog was clearly against

No alcohol in this house!

13. Stole his little brother’s bed and gave me that look when I asked him to move over

14. The Bremen Town Musicians – the beginning

15. This is the third credit card she ate. No remorse

16. Sometimes the reason for train delays may not only be breakdowns.

In Britain, a train had to be delayed due to the fact that a cat was sitting on its roof, which refused to go downstairs.

17. Convenient

18. It is itself! I am not guilty!

Most often, cats show people their destructive side. Here are 15 cases when tailed beasts showed people that they wanted to meow for all these human rules.

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