17+ Photos That Show Love and Care Can Heal Any Heart and Soul Forever

Love and care can heal anything. But if you don’t believe that, this post is going to break your bubble of misconception.

You might not know this but just like humans, animals also experience so many kinds of emotions. Even they get scared, disappointed, and sad. So, when there are so many animals out there who are sad, it is our responsibility to make them happy again.

And actually, we can make these cuties happy by giving them the love and care they have been looking for. If you want to see the power of kindness, keep scrolling because these aminals are going to melt your heart with their transformation.

1. This little one was abandoned for years in a pet store and literally changed its color after adoption.

2. “Before and after the adoption of Lily”

3. The difference a few months can make

4. A loving owner cured this beauty.

5. “One month of being adopted, already my best bud!”

6. This puppy was found frozen and then nursed back to health.

7. “She was somehow the last of her litter to be adopted.”

8. “Found him in the garden. After a bath and a visit to the vet all he wants to do is sit with me and eat.”

9. “He lived with an abusive family and didn’t trust anyone, and today was the first time he agreed to come to work with me.”

10. “We found out that our puppy’s sister lives just down the street from us today.”

11. “After months of fighting, she turned a corner and now lives happily ever after with her sister.”

12. “I adopted this cat when he was 18, thinking we would have a few months left to give him a good retirement. He’s still going strong at 20.”

13. “I heard a series of meows and stumbled across these 7 kittens.”

14. A happy doggo 10 minutes after getting adopted

15. “We adopted this cute boy and he has been SUPER shy. Today, for the first time, he plopped in my lap and did this.”

16. “Adopted this senior chonk today. Gonna start his weight loss journey!”

17. “When we got them, the shelter said they *had* to be adopted together. They demonstrate why on a daily basis.”

18. “I adopted a severely matted, worm-infested, underweight mop last November and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

19. We found a baby parrot on the road a few days back. He wouldn’t look at us the first day and now he wants to cuddle every time he sleeps.

20. “I adopted the saddest looking cat at the shelter 3 years ago.”



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