17+ positive and funny animals who know exactly what to do to charm people

Taking pictures of wildlife can be quite difficult, because you cannot just take animals and tell them to sit still, not move and smile with all their mouths – they simply will not understand you and will go about their business. But sometimes people still manage to capture animals in all their glory, when they look as cute and insanely adorable as possible!

Japanese flying squirrel that looks like the cutest animal on earth

Who would have thought that bumblebee butts are so adorable

They look like they were caught at the worst possible moment.

You shouldn’t have chewed catnip before driving

A baby spotted marsupial marten native to eastern Australia

He’s just for world peace

The dizzy smell of pizza

Cute black and white sheep

Looking at this kid, a smile on his face appears by itself

The guy noticed a family of adorable little squirrels dozing right outside his window.

Fit perfectly

A photo proving that frogs are not nasty, but very pretty

He looks at us with love

Everybody has days like this 

Disguise at the highest level

“My husband, who can’t keep the camera level and has only 6 photos on his phone, took this perfect shot of our cat. I am a photographer and I envy you 100% “

Each of us dreams of such a relationship.

A dog that sits, stands and lies at the same time

This is some kind of cute polish

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