17+ tailed rascals who ruin people’s lives and don’t even regret it

Our pets can be cute and funny, or they can be a real thorn in one place that causes discomfort and inconvenience. And if we talk about dogs, then they often play pranks not out of malice, but out of boredom, and some cats seem to enjoy the cries of their owners and revel in their own triumph. Here’s the proof.

“Hi, I’m Stitch and I got into a pot of curry.”

“Every time we leave, I lose the plant. This time she jumped onto the shelf and dropped everything. I think we can’t take vacation anymore ”

“Ariel didn’t like the blinds blocking her view.”

“The harness my dog ​​destroyed on the very first day”

Apparently it was delicious and she doesn’t regret anything.

“I saw you have a good tree there, it would be a shame if someone felled it.”

“No shame, no conscience”

“I think we won’t be putting together a puzzle today.”

“She insists on putting her furry ass on my face at 3am.”

“While this rascal lives in our house, there can be no question of buying a new sofa.”

“Lucas celebrates his victory”

They are both innocent. At least they think so

This cat proudly presents his work to you.

“Beans thought this new pillow could be a great nest for him.”

“When you go to a bar and come back 2 hours after your cat is supposed to be fed.”

“This naughty boy was licking the fryer for leftover hamburgers.”

The chair belongs only to him and he knows it

“I would do it again”


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