18 awkward photos of wild animals that also make mistakes and stupid things

Our brothers are smaller, they are smaller primarily in intelligence, and therefore act on instincts. Alas, this only works in the wild, but upon contact with civilization, all ancient algorithms of behavior fail. But the beast does not understand this and stubbornly behaves as if it set out to make us laugh. Well, we admit – it worked!

Such a smile makes you want to run without looking back and as far as possible.

However, this one is not at all better

What a long deer

Raccoon decided to smoke while rummaging through the trash can?

I’m not a fool with my mother! I’m special with my mom!

Well, what, they let me into the house? I will not lie – you will regret it more than once!

Warm day, sleepy raccoon, lifted his paw, it will do

With such dimensions, the seagulls will not steal ice cream from vacationers, but the people themselves!

Tell me, can I really perform in karaoke? Let me sing to you, for the assessment!

The gray madame in the stale necklace does not pay attention to the wedding dances of the white horseman

Since it glitters, it means you have to eat it!

Children’s house for children, no matter what the four-legged

Photo taken at the right moment and in the right place

She confused the wire with her cousin father-in-law, and was already preparing to take revenge

Divorced, you know, overgrown seagulls. And everyone climbs into the lens!

Hummingbird flies on hydrojet, if you didn’t know

This funny miracle Yudo is an Australian endemic of quokka

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