18 funny photos that prove with all their appearance that life is not the same without a cat

If it seems to you that something is missing in your life to find complete happiness, then check if you have a cat at home. After all, the absence of such a pet at home directly affects the level of joy in the human body. Well, if you can’t get a pet, then try looking at pictures of funny cats as a treatment for sadness. Their silly appearance works almost better than any medicine!

1. It seems that someone has run out of food

2. The finger attacks!

3. What could be better than one cat? Lots of cats!

Bought a thing to play with and knocked out bingo right away.

4. Remove!

5. When I sneezed while being photographed

6. He doesn’t pour any more

7. Toddlers should stick together

8. How to lure a cat

A friend who followed my cat asked how to lure the cat out of his hiding place. I said that Sam (the cat) loves food. A friend sent me this photo.

9. Cotonaut

10. Where is the meat?

11. Ideas for a kitty photo shoot

12. Tangle of darkness

13. A glass of coffee with whipped quotes

14. This city needs a new hero

15. Treasure at the end of the rainbow


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