18 funny times when dogs showed others that they also did not mind poking around

Becoming owners of dogs, people are well aware that now they have to feed, walk and love their pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But few people are ready for the fact that pets not only obediently walk on a leash, but also love to play around. At such moments, do not forget about the photos, because the laughter will subside, and the memories of the foolishness of the dog will remain forever!

1. My dog ​​chewed a hole in his towel and went through his head. Now he wears it like a poncho!

2. Something sticks to my dog’s nose all the time

This feather was on his nose for about 5 minutes before the wind carried it away.

3. I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but her dogs already love me

4. When the owners have missed the feeding time for at least a minute

5. My dog ​​came running with a baguette, and I have no idea where he got it from

6. The dog pulled out his toy to show off to the dog from the next car

7. The dog decided to feel like a parrot

It seems that all animals, without exception, love to sit on the shoulders of the owners. This was proved by people who staged a flash mob and showed how a wide variety of pets were comfortable on them – from familiar to everyone to very exotic ones.

8. Sometimes our dog’s upper lip gets stuck behind the lower

9. How can it be convenient at all?

10. Well, let me see!

11. Convenient

12. The dog constantly brings me eggs, which she stole from wild birds.

13. My parents’ new dog and their dog immediately fell in love.

Animals are no worse than people who know how to love and be friends. And their joint photos with their comrades look like a real cure for any melancholy and sadness!

14. A dog who decided to eat a bee and immediately regretted it

15. I was able to photograph the soul of my dog

16. This is what she does all day long. Sits and condemns you

17.How Burrito likes to chew bones

18. The main fool

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