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18 of our smaller brothers who know how to unexpectedly throw out some trick

It is customary to describe the relationship between humans and pets through the “owner-pet” scheme, which implies that they love and adore us. At a minimum, they recognize the leadership and are happy to serve in order to be content with the benefits of being around. But sometimes it also happens that the animal is well aware that it is here no more than a poor relative, whom they seem to love, but not sincerely. And therefore, instead of a cute shaggy source of gratitude, it turns into a brazen face, which can do this that you don’t know how to react!

“He brought me a present from the street”

This dog thinks he’s a cat at times

“Dad says he rarely gets a bite to eat without such gags.”

Destroys headphones. Apparently he wants the hostess to acquire wireless.

Not on the table, not on the bed, but at least on the roof, eh?

You won’t prove anything! No evidence! What are these crumbs?

Do you know where she sat? Straight onto the stack of freshly washed cloth face masks!

Run late, man. Mua ha ha!

During the renovation, the whole house is transformed into a new playground for the cat

It’s funny to hear some people talk about the high cognitive ability of dogs

Why catch up and bite passers-by if you can hide and throw bricks on them?

It sits like a booty on the exhaust hole of the system unit, from where it blows warm

Blindness does not prevent the cat Ted from playing pranks with the same zeal as he did when sighted

More than hiding in cardboard boxes, cats love to chew on them.

Scumpy the cat is a dunce. Therefore, it is not boring with him.

This is how you get up in the middle of the night, no matter what, but your bed has already been squeezed

There are so many tasty things around that the cat Noodle begins an existential crisis