18+ paintings from the world of crooked mirrors – how do pets look through glass?

Those who taught physics know that not only water distorts the picture, but in general any medium affects the light that passes through it. That is, if the glass is even in the same window, then everything can be seen clearly, and you try to look at the world through a glass with round walls! We report: have a look! And immediately on our favorite pets – well, their faces!

What is this avatar?

He could very well serve as the inspiration for a character in a science fiction movie.

Cute face

Like from a cartoon

The little corgi has become very tiny!

What did they do to the dog?

An alcoholic cat is funny, at least!

She also teases, the muzzle is spotty!

The parrot did not hide in a glass of water, the fault is science optics

Young saboteur! Your position is revealed, give up!

The cat cannot understand what is happening, but just in case he is outraged.

And no photoshop is needed!

This is how optical illusions are created.

What a nosyara! And paws, paws!

Glasses lenses reduce objects behind you

What kind of miracle Yudo is? Where did you come from?

It’s weird but very addicting.

What’s wrong with the head? Why backwards?

And why are these two-legged ones laughing so? Better fed!

Great angle! Great photo!


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