18+ photos of cats that are so fluffy they seem to be 99% fur

Seals are different: black, white, red, tricolor, curious and lazy, independent and not so. Nature rewards some of them with truly royal fur, which looks more luxurious than any fur coat. Petting such cats is a real bliss, but, alas, not everyone gets such a luxury. But you can admire them in this collection!

1. When you are good in any weather

2.Mistress furry

3. “Come here, I will hug you!”

4. Sir Fuzzytail

What could be more beautiful than Maine Coon? Only his kittens! And here are 20 touching photos that will convince you of this!

5. “He just turned one year old”

6. “Draw me like one of your French cats”

7. “Winter fur has finally started to appear.”

8. “I recently moved, and this fluffy began to appear outside my window.”

9. “Suzanne’s head gradually disappears into her fur”

10. “Husky doesn’t even know how beautiful she is.”

11. Rainbow handsome

12. “He’s as soft as he looks.”

13. If you gaze into the darkness for a long time, the darkness may ask you to eat

14. Mister Kitty, you’re under arrest for being overly furry.

15. “My Furry Princess”

16. “My girlfriend wanted a cat, but I didn’t”

We got a cat anyway, and a year later I became attached to this animal on a spiritual level.

17. A cat that is 99% soft

18. “The fluffiest boy”



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