18 pictures of animals that listened to their mother and ate porridge well, and therefore grew hefty

As the classic wrote, the main thing is for the child to eat well and have fun! Moreover, the first point is often more important than the second, so the parents are trying. Animals, by the way, too – if a certain cub is born weak and cannot eat its ration, they will stop feeding it altogether. The laws of survival are harsh, but just look what handsome muzzles grow up as a result! Some of them are so huge that if it weren’t for the photo, no one would have believed it.

Honey, I’m already home!

This is a wombat and his name is Patrick. It even somewhat resembles a small bear.

If a bear meets this cat in the forest, he will run away, growling loudly and waving his paws

A huge fur seal relaxes in the sun

“The biggest pigeon I have ever seen dropped into my grandfather’s garage today.”

This squirrel is clearly too carried away with nuts.

Just a woman walking with her capybara, nothing out of the ordinary

Bison, nicknamed Big Daddy, takes an apple from a baby with pleasure

Think the Australian echidna is the size of a mouse? Nope, how huge it can be!

Albatrosses are not small at all, but this one is simply outstanding!

Seals cannot be fattened to such a state! But I really want to.

Accumulated fat and prepared for hibernation – the river otter knows a lot about this

Not only huge, but also a very beautiful butterfly!

If the sea lion ate well, it can gain up to a ton of mass.

For 5 years, the color of the fur of the Percheron horse has changed, but the growth has not

Either the Asian boy is too small, or in the genus of this cat there were panthers

Spider crab, an inhabitant of the Japanese depths

To understand the size of Maine Coon cats, this is the paw of such a cat


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