19+ animals who refused to pose after giving photographers ridiculously bad shots

Taking pictures of animals is not just because they do not consider it their duty to pose and wait for this biped to “snap” them. That is why nature photography is sometimes so unfortunate and ridiculous. And to keep those shots from going to waste, the Crap Wildlife Photography group was created where people can share their ridiculously unfortunate wildlife shots.

“This cougar was so close that I was able to photograph her!”

“I present to you a mighty yet gentle Caribbean manatee.”

The indignant bird looks into the window feeder and as if asks: “Where are the seeds ?!”

This big horned owl doesn’t believe a word you say

“Congratulate me, I photographed a raccoon.”

“The wet squirrel I photographed looks like it survived the apocalypse.”

“Look at this colorful handsome man!”

“I said no pictures!”

“Soon when I zoomed in, he screamed, made a bunch and flew away.”

“This green tree frog comes out of our jacuzzi in all its glory.”

“Hey hey dude”

Mantis out of focus looks wild

“Where is the manager! Call the manager! “

“Hmm, interesting salesman, what do you think he wants to sell me?”

Brontosaurs are among us!

“You never called the manager! I will complain!”

“Smile for the photo! Eh … “

“I found the God of all pigeons on a walk with my dog.”

“Where are those damn nuts ?!”

When you are trying to feed a deer cabbage, but you are not very accurate


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