19+ Hilarious Pictures Of Sphynx Cats Acting Like Weirdos

Whenever we see pictures of cats on the Internet, we usually come across the ones that have silky fur and majestic whiskers. But there are cats who are beyond these things and still manage to steal our hearts. We are talking about the Sphynx cats. Ok, we know they are not that photogenic. But c’mon, they are cute and super sweet. Just because they don’t look like the usual cats and are a little different doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our attention & love.

If you are wondering why people are madly in love with these hairless cats, it’s because they are hypoallergenic, they are warmer than other cats, and they don’t shed hair (because they don’t have it). Anyway, the owners of these super adorable cats are super proud of having them. So end of discussion.

Some of the Sphynx cats look like bats, some will remind you of Dobby from Harry Potter, and some let’s say are just acting weird. No matter what they look like but it’s for sure that won’t walk down the catwalk because modeling is not their thing. Scroll down to have a look at them.

1. Accidentally Walked In On My Sphynx Communicating Directly With The Cat Dimension

2. Cranky’s Hammock Pose

3. I Am In Love With Him

4. My Hairless Cat Knows Kung Fu

5. Sometimes I Am A Bat

6. My Cat Does This When He Is Cold

7. Our Hairless Cat Has A Face On Her Butt

8. My Sphynx’s Little Hand Clutching His Favorite Blankie

9. This is Loki

10. Owning A Hairless Cat Occasionally Results In Nightmare Material

11. My Cat Was Out Laying In The Sun Too. I Was Definitely Not Thinking About Battlefield

12. Slave, You Better Rub This Belly Or I Will Be Grumpy All Weekend

13. I Caught A Yawn

14. Feeling Cute. Might Delete Later

15. I Promise To Say The Truth, Only The Truth

16. This Sun Is Very Comfortable

17. My Precious

18. I Texted My 36 Week Pregnant Wife To Ask How She Was Feeling, This Was The Photo I Got In Response

19. A Fluffy Beanie Is Not A Good Idea

20. Little Goblin Support

21. Let Your Weird Light Shine Bright So The Other Weirdos Know Where To Find You

22. This Hairless Cat Holding Its Paws Out

23. My Mom Is Turning Me Into A Model

24. Mmm Tasty Toes

25. Hooman Dare Wash My Toebeans. No One Touches Dis Dobby’s Toebeans

If you also have cute pictures of Sphynx cats, we would love to see them. XOXO



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