19+ People Who Wanted Dogs But Ended Up With Giant Fluffy Beasts

Have you ever hugged a fluffy and big dog after a bad day? If not, we are sure that you would definitely want to hug a dog after you have seen the pictures of these happy people hugging their teddy bears.

There is something about big fluffy dogs that makes them so special and dear to us. Maybe that’s why we start feeling better as soon as we see these giant furry babies.

You can scroll down to see some giant happy babies.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you ever seen a dog sitting on its hooman before?”

“Let’s dance hooman! It’s my favorite song playing.”

“Let’s take a nap hooman, it’s been a long day.”

Nothing special in this picture, just a dog sitting in its favorite human’s lap.

This guy wants to help in the kitchen.

Excuse me, what’s for dinner tonight?

The way this doggo is sitting seems like he’s made it to the principal’s office for messing up at school.

Do you want to look elegant? Get yourself a Great Dane.

When kids fall asleep in the car and you have to lift them to the bed.

This is Ginger. She’s my new Tibetan Mastiff puppy. That’s right. PUPPY.

“Kisses for the best hooman ever!”

A good friend will always help you get something from the top shelf.

Big doggo hugs.

Daddy with his two big babies.

Kids grow so fast…but dogs grow even faster.

That’s a big dog! Almost like a pony.

’m 6 feet tall and the dog next to me is Shamir.

“Hooman, lift me please! Pretty please!”

I may have gotten bigger but my desire to be held has remained constant.

Who needs sunblock when you have a giant dog?

That big blep though.

The most charming dire wolf in the world

Big bear cuddles.

Who doesn’t want one of these goofballs in life?

I’ll sit here for a while. I’m not too heavy, am I?

Little kitty has a big beastly friend.

Nothing can scare you when you have such a giant friend.

That’s definitely a lion in a disguise.

It’s hard to believe that both of these dogs descended from wolves.

When the cat always wins…

When you’re a good boy but your owner is always stroking the cat

The dog has a rough day…

He looks more like a human in a dog’s costume

Isn’t that a little too big for a dog?

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