19+ pets who have long gone out of childhood, and all the same pranksters!

Experienced dog handlers say that for dogs, their owners are something like forever living, prohibitively wise and almost omnipotent elves. Everyone can take care of the dog’s children and the many generations of their children after its death. Many people know what a dog does not know in principle. Therefore, they idolize us and they are offended for their short life, for the fact that they cannot endlessly bring joy to their masters. Although they try their best!

Too lazy to move, and he knows that the sprinkler will turn in his direction

This is Lindsey and she is 17 years old!

Even in old age, and he is already 12, but this dog saw the ocean!

The girl and her cat, the difference between the photos is 19 years

She already sees poorly, but still knows exactly when the hostess is returning home.

In old age it is so difficult to walk on slippery floors. Socks are different!

And at 11, she is still a mischievous puppy

A wise 15-year-old cat calmly lives out its old age. But sometimes he is naughty.

The face is already all gray, and no wonder – she is 18 years old

For 11 years, the dog has learned to follow the owner everywhere. Selfies are sacred!

It’s okay that the coat is dull and the eyes don’t shine, the main thing is not to age at heart!

20-year-old Neko loves master’s hands

Let there be no strength to run, this is not a reason not to enjoy the walk

His eyes remain piercing green and after 17 years

Dog Anka is 15 years old and still full of strength

He has eaten this wonderful cake for 14 times in his life. Time for a new holiday!

The path from 3 months to 10 years has been successfully completed

Best friend for 17 years in a row. His name is Gilligan!

With age, his spotted fur coat becomes noble-gray, and his manners are so imposing

The hostess calls Oki “the little prince”. She took him from the shelter at the age of 18 and now they have been together for two years.

How many delicacies for this shaggy muzzle! A serious reason – 22 years old!

The cat is 19 years old and every day his friendship with the owner is only getting stronger


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