19+ times when cats acted especially strange, although it seemed that there was nowhere to go

Cats, of course, are cute animals, and they are also stupid and funny and sometimes behave soooo strange that they do not climb into any gate.

“I’m trying to make dinner. (Don’t worry, he’s not hurt)”

“Four fish tacos please”


Just a shaggy loaf sprawled on the floor pretending to be potatoes

“My cat stared at this wall for about 10 minutes. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”


“As usual calls Satan”

When you are 37 and you still live with your parents

Are you sure a cat?

He wanted to spit on your gravity

“My cat had a crisis when he climbed the stairs.”

Summon the exorcist!

“My cat is acting like a human.”

Broke the system

Reaches out for the light or thinks it’s a UFO and wants the brothers to take it back home

“Brad heard a bird outside the window, and that’s how he decided to check it out.”


Was he scared or so angry?

A cat can break everything in the world and even its reflection in the mirror.


“Are you ready to talk about our god Kotosus?”

“This is the only way my cat drinks water.”

“Have you painted my image on your own flesh as an act of love and admiration? Okay, I don’t care “

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