19+ typical situations that those who decide to have a pet will surely face

Living together is always a compromise, a willingness to put up with some of the flaws of the second half and endure her antics. Even if we are talking about an animal, more precisely, especially if we are talking about a cat or a dog. Although they are generally obedient, they cannot resist their nature. And then a person has to restrain himself, because all the time to educate and punish is not an option at all.

Any meal turns into a dramatic nerve test.

Whatever you eat, you will always be under very close scrutiny.

Come to the edge, there is not enough space here

Online meetings with superiors can be dangerous for your career

Food should never be left unattended. Sooner or later, someone’s raking paws will reach her.

Everyone knows that cats dislike houseplants, and they have a war with Christmas trees.

Do you like taking a bath? With a cat in the house, this will become problematic.

In fact, this is a bench under your feet to relieve the lower back when working at a computer! But the cat decided what she needed more.

We only dream about solitude

Anything that comes into the puppy’s field of vision is at risk of being gnawed and broken.

You will be constantly distracted simply because they may

Seals are alien to the concept of subordination and a sense of tact

Now you may think differently, but over time you will indulge in everything.

Have you bought a new scratching post? And I like the old one more.

They love to steal things, and those that are needed right now.

It is a matter of time to squeeze out a person’s favorite chair, nothing more.

And you will constantly stumble upon the traces of their unknown pranks

Look what I brought you! You yourself talked about the benefits of a healthy diet.

They turn any serious occupation into a game and take a lot of time.

Well, if you swear at them a lot, they will be offended.


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