19+ unique animals with an unusual appearance, on the creation of which nature has tried especially hard

It has been estimated that 8.7 million animal species live on Earth. Some of them are fierce (lions, sharks, tigers), others are adorable (rabbits, deer, otters), and still others look strange. All over the world, unique animals can be found that exhibit truly amazing and bizarre features.

A dog with a sooo long neck

“I can’t be the only one who hasn’t seen mossy frogs before this day.”

Large kudu with interesting horns and a “mask” on the face

And this is a yellow-throated marten that only pretends to be cute. In fact, she is a tough predator

Black cats with blue eyes are very rare, but this beauty was lucky to be born with a twist

The panda ant, which is actually not an ant (and not a panda), but a wasp

This is a binturong that looks like a mixture of cat and bear

Did you know that the teeth of a nutria are orange, like a carrot?

The color of their teeth is one of the indicators of the health of the nutria: in healthy animals, the teeth have a bright orange color, in sick and old teeth, the color of the teeth is weaker with dark spots.

Catalburun is the rarest canine with a split nose

Warty anglerfish (clownfish, frogfish) is a small fish that feeds on small fish, which it lures with a modified dorsal fin

This fish lives at depths of up to 24 meters and can be recognized by small growths on the skin, we are like warts.

Dragon-headed caterpillar

This is August the dog and he is the cutest albino dog

Adorable kitten with freckles on the nose and squint

Crested Jacana is a unique bird with very long legs and extremely long toes

This sea slug, called the Spanish Shawl, lives off the Pacific coast of North America, where it surely outshines everyone with its beauty.

Incredible furry moth that looks cute and scary at the same time

But the deep-sea goblin shark will definitely give you a reason to be scared.

Caterpillar – you are just space!

Stunning albino owl

Cat Olive, which nature has awarded with sectoral heterochromia

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