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20 Year-Old Cat Finally Gets Adopted From The Shelter By This Loving Family

Prepare for an emotional ride that will tug viciously at your heart strings today.

Let’s start by addressing the obvious, baby animals are the cutest little things pretty much on the entire planet. Everyone loves puppies and kittens, everyone. Unless they’re crazy, of course (because only a crazy person could not love a squishy, little itty-bitty fur baby!)

There is always someone out there eager to take in a baby animal and that leaves a disproportionate amount of adult and senior cats in shelters everywhere. It’s no small undertaking acknowledging that adopting an older cat is a commitment because truly it is. When you adopt any animal you know you are taking on a life-long responsibility to nurture, love, protect, and provide for that creature but most of us see a healthy, vivacious little critter and don’t really ponder the potential medical consequences that can arise later in their life.

Yet when it comes to an adult or senior cat we know we are taking home a kitty who is more likely to need some medical services in the near future and that can seem like a huge responsibility. There’s also a sad pre-conceived notion that an adult cat is already firm in their personality and ways and maybe they can’t learn to love you and embrace your family the same way that kitten could have.

Well, Dexter is 20 years old and he’s here to break down all the myths and get us ALL excited to welcome a senior kitty into our hearts and homes. He is everything a family could want or need in a furry feline friend and he’s no spring chick. He’s a seasoned kitty veteran and he knows love when he sees it! And you will, too as you read through his journey to find lifelong love and happiness in the purr-fect family for him.

Meet Dexter

Dexter was a 20 year-old cat living in a shelter. Both the people at the shelter and Dexter surely thought that he would live out his retirement at the shelter, with little to no hope that he would ever get the chance to leave.

In comes the Utah based Williams Family. Originally, they had a clear-cut idea of what they wanted in their pet adoption pursuit and that was a kitten. Back home they had a small pack of dogs and 2 young children and it seemed like all their family was missing was a kitten needing a good forever home!

But then they saw Dexter.

When the Williams family went to adopt a kitten they definitely did not expect the genuine love at first sight experience they got with Dexter.

As their eyes made contact on the fluffy black cat with a white nose and precious white paws their lives were in for the purr-fect change. Dexter was by far the most lovable 20 year-old cat… ever. Perhaps they didn’t realize that a senior cat could be so instantly loving but they  brought him home and even their dogs were surprised at how instant the love was for Dexter. He gave love. He showed love. He was love.

Fur Family!

And that’s still not the end of this loving, heart-warming tale!

Dexter warmed up instantly and captivated the hearts of the entire home. No dog or human was spared his love.

“We are friends now, yes.”

Of course, like most cats, Dexter also immediately became the boss. He gave out all the loving and he gave out all the demands. If Dexter was hungry at 2 am, or even 4am, rest assured the house would hear his “grumpy” meows.

True Love.

Instead of retiring alone in a shelter, Dexter the old cat lived a two whole entire years as a whole, devoted member of the Williams Family. He gave love, he received love, he was love. He knew comfort, warmth, compassion, and companionship in his final years.

Dexter left behind a powerful and special message. He taught the children that it’s never too late for love. And today in his memory he shows the world that there is endless value and love in adopting a senior kitty. Everyone, cats included, can benefit from even a few final years of family life.

Thank you Dexter for your message and for showing the Williams family what it’s all about!


It’s so important to adopt in a world where so many people don’t spay their animals, and we are met by hundreds and thousands of stray animals across the country (let alone the whole world). Cats are really awesome pets to have!