21+ Before And After Adoption Pics Of Animals Show How They Can’t Hold Their Happiness

I don’t understand why people abandon their pet animals. Who has that sort of courage? Not me. These stray animals then, thankfully, find their way to various animal shelters. I am so glad that these shelters exist, otherwise, I can’t even imagine what would the future hold for all these abandoned animals. Do you think it would be safe for a tiny 5-week old puppy to walk down the streets all by itself? Absolutely not. That’s where the rescuers come and take these animals to shelters for recovery.

But the plan is not to keep them at those shelters forever. Nobody likes to see a cute animal sitting in a kennel. No animal deserves to be in a cage. They are very similar to us and deserve the same level of freedom as us humans. They are supposed to sprint in parks, fetch stuff, get belly rubs, and get spoiled. So these animals are then put up for adoption by those animal shelters in hope that they will soon find their happy forever homes.

Here are some before and after pictures of animals being adopted. And honestly, their reactions are so adorable and heart-warming, you may tear up a little on some of those comparisons. Ready for a big dose of happiness? Coming right your way.

1. A perfect transformation. So adorable!

2. He instantly looks so groomed and happy in the after picture

3. He looked so dull before adoption. Look at him go now.

4. Meet Zane Gray! Living happily in his forever home

5. The glow on that doggo’s face after adoption. Wow!

6. Maia is all ready to take over the world. And that neckerchief is going to help her do that.

7. Yup, stretch it out! No ones gonna stop you here.

8. Tiny Bindu found a loving family and grew up with them

9. Doggo out and about > Doggo in a kennel

10. Little Scooby Doo looks so happy to be where he is. Adorbs!

11. How will they love you when they physically can’t love you?

12. This is Piper. He was adopted by a very loving family and they trained him to take care of his owner who had a medical condition. Both doggo and humans, serving a great purpose.

13. Goku has been at his forever home for 3 years now, and by that picture on the right, it seems like he is enjoying his life to the fullest. Go Super Saiyan on em’ cute boi.

My idea of an ideal and a perfect world is where no animal shelters would exist. Yeah, I know this sounds very weird for someone to say that about organizations that actually help animals find new homes, but hear me out.

Imagine if no one abandoned their pet animals. Imagine a world where people would only shower love and undying affection upon their pet animals. No pet would be abandoned, there won’t be any stray animals, and we won’t be needing rescue teams to look after those animals. A happy story of pets spending their entire lives with their owners. But I realize this is a very unrealistic thought, given how reality is. But I only wish the best for these animals.

14. Patience lead to inseparable bonds! This boy had to go to shelters 3 times before he was even 10 months old. But eventually, his home came to him.

15. Behind bars: No smiling, Out of the bars: Big wide smiles

16. That change of Lucky’s expression says it all.

17. A tablespoon of love, and a packet full of trust: A happy transformation

18. Say hello to Princess and Passion. They came into the shelter after their previous owner passed away. They eventually got adopted again and looks like they are over the moon about it.

19. Why do they always look so overly excited when in a car? Cute!

20. “My dog Wynter went from living in the streets to relaxing in my backyard.” That doggo looks majestical!

21. Before adoption vs After adoption. Looks like a happily ever after to me.

22. Oh my god. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful cat than this one in my entire life.

23. “Duke is a 3-year-old greyhound who was surrendered after the Australian greyhound racing ban.”

24. “The minute he met my other dog, he lit up like a Christmas tree.”

25. “It was love at first sight for me. I left the shelter saying, ’Her name is Kaia and she’s the one.’”

26. Cute doggo can’t contain himself after being adopted.

27. A successful journey from being abandoned, alone, and shy to being a cute, adorable, spoiled little kitty.

Now how did you like these transformations? We hope this was a great adventure for you, going through these wholesome images of happy animals after adoption. All of them looked so satisfied with their new forever homes.

We hope you guys enjoyed it. Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.


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