21+ Posts Of Cats Behaving Weirdly But Funny As Hell On An Online Post

Do you think that only your cat sometimes acts weirdly? Well, you are not alone; most people believe that. Cats have weird habits, and they are pretty similar for all felines.

Someone asked people to share on Twitter the most unusual things that their cats do, and they are practically the same. Some small thefts, turning on faucets, knocking things over… Let’s not forget the staring like they are plotting against you.

But that’s Is part of their charm. Without that, the cats would be boring. Take a look at what people shared about their cats and see if you can find something familiar.

#1 Hide and seek.

#2 Better flowers than mice.

#3 She plays dead.

Why do cats love bathroom fixtures so much? Vets say that it might have something to do with their wild instincts; still water in the wilderness is not so fresh, and drinking from a dish in the corner of the room might feel them vulnerable.

And why do they like to use bathroom sinks as beds? They like the way it cools them down during hot weather, and the size is perfect for a cat.


If your cat uses odd places as a toilet, there are quite a few possible explanations. The first thing to do is to take them to the vet, do a blood and urine analysis, just to make sure they are not acting up to show you they are not feeling well.

If they are healthy, then the problem could be in their litter box. Maybe it is not clean enough or in an inconvenient place. Or, if you have several cats, one of them could be preventing the other from using the litter box. Getting more boxes is the obvious solution.

#5 When will they leave?


#7 Its bath time.


#9 Twins.

#10 Just like you. She is a copycat.



#13 Who is your decorator?


#15 Good night.


#17 He rings the butler.



#20 Freedom!

#21 I know what you are doing!



#24 Tasty.


#26 Just a bite.

#27 Spiderpig.


#29 Give me food or I break your favorite figurine.

#30 She needs friends.

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