21+ times pets have brought their owners the most unexpected gifts

Dogs and cats cannot express their gratitude in words, but they have one thing for their owners – they are amazing gift givers. Well, who doesn’t love waking up next to a recently killed mouse in bed? It is a tradition for dogs and cats to collect whatever they can find and give it to their owners. Whether it’s a toy, a random thing found on the street or some kind of animal – all these are the fruits of a successful hunt that fill their hearts with pride.

“My puppy brought me a little gift”

“When my dog ​​looked up, I almost died laughing! There was someone’s false jaw in its mouth.”

“This is my cat Slash and he brings me flowers every night. A real gentleman.”

“My dog ​​brought me a piece of land today.”

“I threw a ball to my dog ​​and she brought me potatoes.”

“My dog ​​is too good for this world, she brought me a flower.”

“While I was drinking coffee this morning, my dog ​​brought me this kitten. I don’t know where she got it.”

“It was my last day at work. It seems our office dog wants me to stay – she brought me all of her toys.”

“My cat returned with a stolen sausage from a local store.”

“This is Zoe’s pillow. If she likes you, she will bring you her pillow. You can’t take it, but you can watch.”

“My cat was always jealous of the hunting skills of his distant relatives living in the savannah, so he went outside and caught a leaf.”

“My dog ​​brought me 10 dollars.”

“My friend recently became a mom and this is what her dog brought her.”

“My cat Henry brings me his toy mouse every morning, announcing a successful night hunt.”

“Threw a ball to my dog, but instead she brought me this turtle.”

“My dog ​​should bring a gift to everyone who comes to our house. If she cannot find a toy, she will bring whatever she can find in the house.”

“My dog ​​brought me a small green tree instead of a stick.”

“My sister’s cat brought a ‘dead’ bird, which fortunately came to life.”

“Most cats bring dead animals to their owners. But not my cat.”

“This is what my dog ​​brought me after rolling in the mud while walking in the park.”

“My dog ​​brings things from my toolbox, hoping this will be what I need. Sometimes she guesses.”

“Our cat has a habit of bringing us household sponges.”

Harvesting Assistant

“This is not the first time my cat brings me such gifts”

“Our dog brings us everything he finds to greet us when we come home.”

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