22+ idiot cats that will make you laugh out loud

People are constantly talking about which cats are cunning and smart. But sometimes we forget that they, like us, can be a little dumb from time to time, and when this happens, we laugh to tears. We have put together a collection of cats that have temporarily forgotten who they are. They stopped being the graceful hunters they usually are and ended up looking pretty silly. 

“My cat is an idiot, but she is adorable.”

“Left the suit on the floor. Woke up and saw it.”

“Some cats bring birds and mice to their owners. Oliver brings me tea bags.”

“We really had to help him … Idiot.”

Cats are excellent hunters

“In this position, my friend found his cat in the bathroom.”

“So my friend’s cat usually dines.”

“He cries because he thinks he’s locked up. Dumb as a brick, but he’s mine and I love him.”

“My friend’s cat stuck its head in a vase, got scared, got stuck in it, broke the vase and stayed with it.”

“I can’t leave my cats even for a minute.” 

Oh shit!

You do it wrong

“My cat is trying to steal the dust again, luckily it never gets too far.”

“Why am I spending money on all this cat stuff?”

“Every morning my friend’s cat does it”

“My cat thinks there is a door in front of him.”

“I heard my cat meowing in the bathroom, I went in and saw it.”

“Oh, master, you came back too soon!”

Why can’t he just drink from the bowl like a normal cat?

“I know cats love to sleep in strange positions, but this one is probably the funniest one.”

“Why did you get a cat?”

“The first time my cat saw a watermelon”

The question is not what it does there, but what this piece of ham does on it

Sleeping in a dirt scoop is much better than a cat bed.

“I think I’ll sit right … here.”

“It happened to my five-month-old Maine Coon. She decided to fall asleep in this position when she fell even lower.”

Curiosity and the cat



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