22+ Pets With Unique Genes That Have Given Them Really Distinctive Looks

Just like in humans, inherited traits are passed down through an animal’s genetic code. This code is known and animal’s DNA- a long molecule that is present in each cell of the body. The DNA is formed of thousands of genes, and it plays a vital role in inheriting features and characteristics in animals.

You are used to seeing cats with18 toes, two earns, or discoloured eyes, we bring to you some unique features these cats and puppies have which would certainly surprise you. Scroll down and show some love to these adorable pets.

#1 Frankie Was Born With Four Ears And An Eye Deformity But He’s Still Purrfect

Polydactylism is one of the most common anomalies which you will find in the list. It is a disorder that causes animals to have more than the actual number of toes in their paws.

The condition is mostly found in cats, especially in the East Coast of North America.

#2 Cat Named Yoda Was Born With An Extra Set Of Ears

#3 Ren Is A Polydactyl With 6 Toes On Each Foot

#4 I Adopted A Stray Dog With 2 Mouths, One Where The Ear Should Be

#5 My Sister Found This Adorable Guy With Extra Toes

#6 This Is Skadi, The Norwegian Lundehund Puppy

#7 This Unicorn Puppy Named Narwhal Was Found Abandoned With An Extra Tail On His Forehead

#8 Too Many Peets

#9 Polydactyl Maine Coon

#10 A Cat With An Opposable Thumb. I For One Welcome Our New Cat Overlords

#11 Sansa Is A Special Needs Rescue Princess With Feline Hyperesthesia, Different Colored Eyes & More Toes Than You

#12 Met This Cat Today With Two Tails

#13 My Cat Is Polydactyl And Has 26 Toes. So I Named Him Toes

#14 Meet Phoebe, The Polydactyl Highland Lynx Complete With Curled Ears And A Bobtail

#15 Doubled Fangs Of a kitten

#16 Got My Cat Wholesale And He Came With 75% Extra Beans

#17 Amelia And Her Two Faced Cat

#18 This My Nugget At 2 Months Old And 1 Year Old. She’s My Stunted Growth, Cross Eyed, Head Tilted, Polydactyl, Special Kitty

#19 Say Hi To Our New Kitten Maximillion! He’s A Polydactyl Siamese

#20 The Cat At Our Warehouse Gave Birth To A Kitten Who Has An Extra Tiny Paw That Functions As A Thumb

#21 Sleepy Polydactyl Kitten With An Extra 6 Toes

#22 Sleepy Polydactyl Kitten With An Extra 6 Toes

#23 This Kitten With 7 Beans!

#24 I Drove Over An Hour One Way To Pick Up My Purrito With Extra Beans From A Shelter In The Middle Of Nowhere. Meet Zula

#25 Here Is My Rescue Baby


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