23+ Hilariously Awkward Animal Memes Get Turned Into Sculptures By Japanese Artist

Who doesn’t love a good meme? I mean, really, what is better than being able to share a funny meme with your friends that you just KNOW will be right up their alley and give them a good giggle?

Well, what if you could give your friends a sculpture of their favorite meme that they could keep forever?

That’s right!

Japanese artist, Meetissai, has made that possible! Meetissai has created a range of tiny sculptures based on all the most popular, hilariously awkward animal memes we all know and love.

It all started when the artist was searching for a ‘real-life’ version of a favorite meme, and was unable to find one anywhere. So Meetissai decided to make it at home!

The tiny statues have become so popular, that there is now a whole range available to collect.

Scroll down to see if any of your personal favorites are included!

#1 The Kitten Rescuing Raccoon

#2 Cyclops Pup

#3 Quick Thinking Cat

#4 War Kitty

#5 Cannon Ball

#6 The Cutest Seal Pup

#7 Jazz Cat

#8 Mini-Head Cat

#9 Ball Seal

#10 I Fits, I Sits

#11 Exorcist Cat

#12 Just Standin’ Around Raccoon

#13 I’ll Deck Ya!

#14 Blowin’ In The Wind

#15 What?

#16 Uh Oh

#17 The Bow-Legged One

#18 All Birds Sit Like This

#19 Hanging Around

#20 Torpedo Dog

#21 Panda Kid

#22 Cat Hog

#23 Evil Bunny

#24 Mer-Cat

#25 All Legs

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