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23+ Traveling Dogs That Behave Better Than Many People

On the internet you can find everything and this is an example of it. There is a page on Instagram that is exclusively dedicated to uploading photos of dogs relaxing in their owners’ travel bags. And although it may seem false to you, the truth is that there are Instagram accounts that exploit this super specific and super cute niche.

This page has just over 98 thousand followers and encourages its subscribers to send their own images of their pets inside the travel bags. Thanks to this, the account has so far more than 1,300 publications referring to this style. Would you like to see the elegance with which these pets travel?

1. This way I feel cooler!

2. There is nothing cuter than this husky watching you as he travels comfortably on the back of his owner

3. The truth is that it does look very comfortable

4. This dog really knows style!

5. So cute! He even greets us with his paw!

6. I think you can sleep there peacefully

7. This is the dog-bag 3000

8. This friend carries his own bag with his mouth

9. Excellent place to nap

10. How playful this little dog that sticks its tongue out at us

11. Well, first of all, safety

12. This dog looks extremely happy there

13. Those little eyes!

14. He is very happy taking his nap there

15. Hello!

16. Each in its own bag

17. A fanny pack of puppies

18. Hello, friend!

19. Poker face

20. Excellent idea to watch your pet while you shower

21. So elegant with his tie

22. This little friend looks sleepy

23. With your own rain poncho

24. This one has wheels!

25. The best time of day is nap