25+ Pictures Of Senior Cats Doing Wholesome Things

Old cats are the best.

Society tends to neglect people who get old. With time and age, your value in the eyes of people degrades. This phenomenon is common for both living and non-living things. But we must seek your attention and tell you that old cats are the best. They don’t keep jumping around in the house unnecessarily and are much calmer. They would want to cuddle with you and watch television with you. So, here is a shootout to all lovely old cats.

1. 2 Years Ago Today I Walked Into A Petsmart And Met A Cat Named Sonny Who No One Would Adopt Because He Was 13 Years Old, Covered In Fleas, Underweight, And Had A Mouth Full Of Rotten Teeth That Had To Be Removed. He Came Home With Me That Night And It Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

2. Tiger Is 31 Years Old And Is Still A Prime Example Of The Ever Loving Box And Cat Relationship

3. I Hear You Guys Like Old Cats. This Is Thomas. He’s 27

4. My Little Guy Is 20 Years Old And Still As Cute As Ever

5. A 24-Year-Old Cat. We Call Her The Immortal

6. This Happens Every Time I Go To My Barbers. He’s An Old Kitty Now, And He Can’t Miaow Anymore, It Comes Out As “Aaaggh!” I Always Let A Load Of Customers Go Ahead Of Me So I Don’t Disturb Him. Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted

7. My Grandmother’s 26-Year-Old Cat (We’re The Same Age)

8. Most Of Our Friends Don’t Believe We Have A Cat. We Don’t See Him Much Either As He Mostly Hides Behind The Bed. Today, While I Was Working, He Was Brave Enough To Come Out For Pets. This Is My 15-Year-Old Cat, Elwood

9. My Grampie And His 20-Year-Old Cat/Sidekick Elvis. As My Grampie Says, “We’re Just Two Old Men Hanging Out”. This Picture Makes Me Happy And Sad All At Once

10. We Adopted An 11-Year Old Cat From A Chicago Shelter. He And My 13-Yo Daughter Fell In Love. This Is Them After She Got Back From A Week At Camp

11. My Beautiful 18-Year-Old Girl Mia With The Eyes Of Sauron


12. My 18-Year-Old Cat, Oscar, Just Experienced His First Home Move (Across The Country). Wasn’t Sure If He Would Make It, But He Seems To Be Doing Just Fine

13. My 16-Year-Old Good Boy Recovering From A Stroke

14. My 22-Year-Old Cat Noticed I Was Eating Doritos

15. We Would Take You To The Bar, But They’re All Closed. Happy 21st Birthday Mario!

16. My 19-Year-Old Cat Just Found Out He Loves The Smell Of Lavender

17. When Your Cat Is Pushing 20 Years Old, But Can Still Pull Off That Innocent Baby Look

18. Me And My Old Bud Taking In Some Sun

19. This Guy Has Been By My Side For Twenty Years Today. He Helped Me Through Some Rough Times

20. I Was 23 When I Adopted Him. He’s 16 And I’m almost 40. Just The Sweetest Kitty

21. My 23-Year-Old Cat

22. My 19-Year-Old Cat Has Always Grabbed Her Leg When She Sleeps

23. Two Best Friends Growing Old Together: How My 20-Year-Old Cat And 70-Year-Old Father Spend Their Evenings

24. My 100-Year-Old Grandpa And His 17-Year-Old Cat

25. Walked Into The Shelter And Asked Which Cat Had Been There The Longest… Came Home With A Deaf, Toothless Senior Lovebug. Reddit, Meet Cali!

26. My 1.5yr Old Son And 14yr Old Cat Had A Moment This Morning

27. My Grandpa Passed Away On Thanksgiving And No One Would Take His 18-Year-Old Cat… So We Did. Welcome Home, Lovey!

28. An Elderly Cat Who Can No Longer Bird Watch Receives A Fish Tank Full Of Fake Fish To Watch From The Comfort Of His Bed

29. A Few Weeks Ago I Adopted A 12-Year-Old Cat. She Buries Her Face In My Hand When She Wants More Love

30. 15-Year-Old Blind Cat Snuggling Daughter’s Toy Because It Smells Like Her


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