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27+ Times Quarantined People Tried Grooming Their Dogs And Realized What The Professionals Are For

All of you would admit to this that you’ve tried almost doing everything at home during the lockdown. Giving yourself a hair cut was still fine. Although some results were hilarious, still we managed to consider them.

A few pet owners decided that grooming their dogs at home would be just as fun as giving themselves a haircut. People on the Internet shared the before and after pictures of their dogs. You would be amazed to see a few of them. So scroll down to check a few f them and try not to laugh at these grooming images.

#1 Groomer Closed Due To Covid19. Wife Told Me To Trim The Dog. Hold My Beer

#2 Help Me! My Mom Did My Grooming. I Was In Desperate Need About 4 Weeks Ago. I Look Like A Chinchilla

#3 That Look

#4 This Is The Mug Of A Dog Who Is Plotting His Revenge Against Me For Giving Him A Home Haircut

#5 If Looks Could Kill

#6 Take It From Mash And Wait Until The Professionals Are Back

#7 Unexpected Casualties

#8 Miss That Fluffy Boy. I Want His Fur Back

#9 A Trim

#10 Quarantine Haircuts 2020

#11 Try Grooming The Dog

#12 Covid19 Haircut. Mistakes Were Made

#13 It Was So Long She Couldn’t See, So I Tried My Best But Poor Maggie May Deserved Better

#14 My Dog Got A Haircut. Seems Pissed About It

#15 First Time Quarantine Groomer Here! How’d I Do?

#16 Guess Who Won’t Be Asked To Groom The Dog Again

#17 Dogs With Haircuts – Riley Edition

#18 My Wife’s First Attempt To Groom The Dog During Quarantine

#19 Not Happy

#20 There’s A First Time For Everything


#21 I, Too, Gave My Dog A Deeply Regrettable Quarantine Haircut. I’m So Sorry, Son

#22 Avery Also Thinks Pants Are Optional During Isolation

#23 I’m So Sorry Baby. Dog Grooming Will Be Left To The Professionals Only From Here On Out

#24 A Quarantine Haircut At It’s Best


#25 This Is Why We Pay Professionals

#26 Sad Gretel

#27 Mojo Before And After

#28 My Advice: Abort This Mission! My Poor Mimi Looked Crazy For 2 Days Until I Was Able To Fix Him

#29 Bad Haircut Day

#30 This Happened