28+ Pics That Are Proof Two Cats Are Better Than One

Attention cat parents! Here’s a loving adaptation of ‘How I Met Your Mother’s hit song ‘Two Beavers Are Better Than One” dedicated to the beautiful feline. Sing along with us, Two cats are better than one, they’re twice the fun, ask anyone, a second cat can be second-to-none! Thank you, thank you.

If you are thinking of adopting another cat, this is your sign. Go ahead and do it. Double cats mean double fun and double love. Oh, and there really are tons of benefits to having more cats.

Scroll down to get some more reasons for adopting another cat.

Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Kingston And Derby!

The Vet Is So Scary!!

The Committee Against Vacuum Cleaners

Two Cats, One Heart

There Are Two Types Of People

Stray Friends

Unconditional Love.!!!!

Two Cats Licking Glass Door

The New Cat Taught The Old Cat To Eat Like This…

This Is What Cat Engagement Photos Would Look Like

After A Long And Tiring Day

After Trying To Kill Each Other For The Past Half Hour They’ve Decided It’s Now Cuddle Time

Baby Don’t Leave Me!

They’re Always Plotting

2 Months Ago A Neighbor Asked Me To Investigate Why Scratching Sounds Were Coming From Behind Her Fireplace Firewall. I Cut An Inspection Panel Into The Drywall And To My Surprise, I Found These Two, Abandoned, Dirty, Dehydrated, And Hungry. Picture Taken At Approximately Three Weeks Post Rescue

My Black Cat Looks Like My White Cat’s Shadow


I Posted In A Thread About Silly Cats In My Apartment’s Community Board That My Cat Won’t Stop Looking Into My Neighbor’s Apartment. She Replied With The Most Adorable Photo I’ve Ever Seen

She Brought A Friend The Next Day

I Introduced My Fur Babies To My Newborn. Going To Be An Interesting Next Few Years

Relationship Goals

You Weren’t Supposed To Be Home Till 5 pm Karen

Perfect Fit

Look Ma! I Fabulous!

My Parents Didn’t Want A Cat, This Stray And Her Baby Decided Otherwise. Obviously, My Parents Now Have 2 Cats

Two Cats Cuddling Each Other In A Coast Of Istanbul

*sound Of A Can Opening*

My Dog Is Afraid Of The Cats. They Have Learned That She Won’t Walk Near Them, And Enjoy Trapping Her. Earlier Today She Tried To Walk Up The Stairs…

These Cats Love Their Ramen Beds

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