29+ funny animals that know exactly how to make your day better

We are all just guests on this planet, the planet of animals. Unlike humans, animals are always sincere and funny, so we never stop saying that they are all just adorable, and today we will prove it once again. Funny animals and their stories, caught on hooliganism and just funny fluffy lumps falling apart, await you further. Prepare your mimimeters, for now they will be tickled.

A full arctic fox .. Or rather an arctic fox full of happiness

Legs out

Well hello, do you often come here?

Gecko and his birthday cake

“I turned away for two seconds. and he is already trying to steal my girlfriend and food “

When they pester early Sunday morning with stupid questions

“Today is Max’s spa day. I got this photo from the veterinary clinic. “

“My name is Bailey, and I just wanted to emphasize my coolness” – for this Bailey decided to chew on the marker

Cat and tank troops

“I don’t know, master, he just came up himself”

Sometimes teasing is fun

Bulldog all in hearts

Hello everyone

“I ate my mom’s yarn and pooped it out, then I just kept running around the house while it was sticking out of my ass.”

“This is Pearl, and the vet said she won’t be able to take off her goggles until they’ve finished laser treatment for her arthritis.”

“Meet, this is Simba, and he is Leonberger”

A party to which every cat comes with its own box

“Master, we scattered our charm”

There must be something really interesting going on there.

Navel rush .. Welcome .. The flight is abnormal, we fly only two minutes, and we have already run out of all the catnip

When you want to find something to chew on

The very night

“My darling..”

So it shines with happiness

It’s a pity that the horse doesn’t have a hat, but it’s good that the guy doesn’t have the same teeth.

C – savvy

“As soon as I took a step outside the apartment, I immediately met a random cat waiting for me with a quest.”

It even gets highlighted!

Try to find a happier photo

“I can attack a 90-kilogram mastiff, but I’m afraid of my own bunch”

“My friend’s rat is enjoying a popcorn movie”

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