29+ Funny Examples Of Cat Beds And Cat Logic

We know that cats sleep a lot. But what is weird is the fact that they don’t like sleeping on their perfectly comfortable bed. So, where do they actually sleep? Well, they sleep everywhere. Whether it’s a vase, laundry rack, terrarium, or tree, cats will manage to make it their bed.

If you have or ever had a cat, you might know what we are trying to say here. But if you don’t have a beautiful cat, you can just scroll down to see how it feels like to have a cat.

P.S. These pictures will make you think twice before you buy another cat bed the next time.

#1 Cat Was Tired And Jumped Into My Daughter Doll House And Actually Used The Bed

#2 Mom, He’s In My Bed

#3 My Cat’s Kittens Have Found A New Cozy Bed… In A Cup Holder

To know more about cats, we talked to a postdoctoral fellow in animal behavior, named Mikel Delgado. He said that cats tend to “work hard, sleep hard”. “Cats tend to sleep for short periods throughout the day and night, unlike humans, who tend to sleep in one long (hopefully!) bout.” In total, felines sleep 12 to 16 hours a day, and all that sleep helps them to “conserve energy for when they need it most—to hunt.”

#4 We Got Him A Bed, But Then A Paper Towel Fell On The Floor, So Nevermind

#5 Get Him A Bed They Said

#6 My Cat Has 3 Beds

Mikel also said that “providing your cat with a window perch, food puzzles, enrichment like cat grass, and safe solo play toys can help keep them more active when you are gone”. “They are also more flexible so they can fit into spaces that do not look comfortable to us.”

#7 I Planted Oat Grass For The Cat To Snack On, She Decided It Makes A Good Bed

#8 I Think Someone’s Got The Wrong Bed

#9 I Think I Wasted Money On The Cat Tree

“Provide cats with a sense of safety, or the ability to see what is going on in their environment.”

#10 Spent 10 Minutes Looking For My Cat Before I Went To Bed, Found Him Asleep In A Wok On Top Of The Freezer

#11 4 Beds For 3 Cats And They Do This

#12 My BF Spent 3 Months On An Outdoor Heated Cat House For My Guy. Hasn’t Stepped Into It

#13 My Cat Has Been Sleeping On My Pants On The Bottom Shelf Of Our Closet Lately, So I Asked My Wife To Move The Pants And Put A Cat Bed In There. Cat’s Response

#14 My Cat Has Never Quite Figured Out How His Bed Is Supposed To Work

#15 Five Beds And Ten Chairs In The House. He Sits On The Eggs

#16 Cat Logic Is Beyond Reality

#17 Bought Our Kitten (Mac) A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This

#18 Money Not Well Spent

#19 Got Them A Bed And 10 Different Blankets, They Won’t Sleep Anywhere Else Than On My Laptop Bag

#20 My Girlfriend Brought A Pot To Bed Because She Felt Ill. The Next Morning We Woke Up To This

#21 How To Get Your Cat To Use A Pet Bed

#22 Cat Logic

#23 Got Emmylou A Cat Bed

#24 Sent My Mom A Cute Cat Bed For Her Two Cats. She Sent Me Back This Picture

#25 Bought Him A Nice Cat Bed- Refuses To Use It Without The Box Inside It


#26 He Has Access To About Seven Cat Beds But He Prefers Hanging On The Back Of A Chair. Why

#27 Expectation vs. Reality

#28 Best $300 I Ever Spent

#29 Cat Logic Is Difficult To Understand, They Said!

#30 Ruby Loves Her New Bed



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