3-Year-Old Mute And Deaf Kid Died After Brutally Mauled By Neighbour’s Pitbull

A 3-year-old boy from South Africa was killed by the neighbor’s pitbull.

According to the reports, the boy was unable to scream for help because he was deaf and mute.

Luqmaan Jardien was living in Cape Town, in the Hanover Park neighborhood and was fatally attacked in the backyard by the dog on Monday morning, according to the local news.

The boy was allegedly alone with the pooch during the attack.

The mute and deaf three-year-old boy Luqmaan Jardien who was dragged out of his house and mauled to death by neighbours pit bull, in Turflyn Walk, Hanover Park. (Newsflash)

The boy’s parents are also deaf. Luqmaan’s uncle, Dawood Stuart, said that he tried to save his critically injured nephew.

Stuart said that he picked Luqmaan up from where he was lying, and on his way inside the house the neighbor’s dog came for Luqmaan again. Stuart was really struggling to take his nephew inside the house, and he was also attacked by the pitbull.

Stuart added, that in the end, he managed to suffocate the animal using the house’s door.

He also claimed that the dog must’ve been somehow provoked because the dog was fine on other days with the boy. They even used to play in the afternoons.

Luqmaan was still breathing when Stuart puts him on the table, yet he was deceased at Heideveld Day Hospital, according to the family’s friend, Nabeelah Daniels.

The grieving dad, Ganief Jardien, said he would not want any other person to suffer and be in pain as his son did. He continued, he loved his son a lot and they were always together, he’s gonna miss him a lot.


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