6+ Big Cats Who Still Think They Are Little Kittens

Size doesn’t matter.

We have seen big dogs who somehow think that they are small puppies. But have you seen big cats who still think they are small? These big cats are trying to do everything that could make them feel small.

However, don’t get confused with their adorable looks. It’s because, in the end, they are hungry predators who would tear you down to fill their tummy.

#1 This big kitty was trying to find a box to rest in.

#2 If I fit, I sit.

#3 Even big kitties like to catch lights.

#4 He is trusting you not to touch him.


#5 The face says ‘I am scary’ and the body says ‘I am adorable.’

#6 It was sitting right there so obviously the lion was going to sit in it.

#7 He knows he is too adorable for any human to resist petting him.

#8 He has given you free rein to give him as many belly rubs as you want.

#9 They clearly missed their hooman a lot.

#10 I would be too scared to ever do this so kudos to these people.



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