7+ Photos That Prove Cats Rule The World

Cats have dominion over all other creatures. 

You have a cat and you think you rule the home, huh? Well, that’s pretty absurd thinking because cats not just rule the house but also rule the world. It’s because no matter how scary any creature is, cats are always scarier.

If you don’t believe us, scroll down to have a look yourself.

Even those dogs know not to come close to the black cat or mess with her.

She is just trying to feel for her food so she can throw most of it away.

These two want their hooman to stay home and take care of them.

That is one big cat with a glorious mustache.

 Is anyone really surprised at this point?

To be honest, that position does seem weirdly comfortable.

 Even the criminal is having a laugh at the cat.

I would have never thought that the face was swapped.

You might think this particular plant needs water but if you water it, be ready for a lot of scratches.

 She only wants her teeth back.

Sometimes you don’t even have to press it.

He was just trying to find the best position.

 ‘I particularly like this meownificent art. The colors are just purrfect.”

This is how cats will take over the world, through alpacas.


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