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A 21-Day Walking Plan For Fat Loss


The majority of people believe that they must turn to some intense workouts in order to successfully lose weight, however that’s not the case! Always make sure your mind is on track and be persistent in your exercising, that’s all you need.

The Importance of a Nutritious Diet

In the majority of situations, individuals pay more attention to their workout ignorant to the fact that exercise is merely a part of the equation in terms of losing weight. According to the principle, 80% of weight loss is stimulated by a healthy diet and the rest comes from performing physical activities.

Thus, think about making healthy changes to your eating habits. Keep in mind that your body requires the proper nutrient balance. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats provide us with 100% of our energy. These nutrients are different from each other based on how fast they transform into energy. Carbohydrates are the fastest and fats are the slowest of all.

If you decide to stick to a certain eating in order to boost your health and lose weight at the same time, there are a numerous great options such as ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, Atkins, gluten-free, a lot of other diets. For instance, the ketogenic (or keto) is a low carb diet that can melt the extra pounds without starving you out.

Consistency Is the Key To Success

Consistency is the most important thing for achieving sustainable weight reduction, muscles/development maintenance, and general health. Don’t forget that you should commit for life to some form of exercise! Furthermore, we present you with an exercise plan we think works best and is the least time-consuming.

Perks of Walking

  • Before presenting you the plan, check out some facts on the general perks of walking.Maintains the perfect body weight
  • Prevents or deals with a variety of conditions, such as heart disease, increased blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthens your bones and muscles
  • Enhances your mood
  • Calibrates your balance and orientation

You will finally learn the importance of being physically active on account of this walking schedule which will boost you metabolically in the most amazing way.

21-Day Walking Schedule for Weight Loss

WEEK 1 (Optional: divide the minutes in two sessions- between morning and evening)

  • Day 1 – Begin with 10 minutes. Maintain a slow and consistent tempo.
  • Day 2 – Walk for 12 mins. Maintain a slow and consistent tempo.
  • Day 3 – Walk for 15 mins. Maintain a slow and consistent tempo.
  • Day 4 – Walk for 18 mins. It may be simpler to divide the mins from now on until the week ends. Walk 9 mins in the morning and 9 mins in the evening.
  • Day 5 – Walk for 20 mins. Maintain a slow and consistent tempo. Walk 10 mins in the morning and 10 in the evening.
  • Day 6 – Walk for 22 mins. Maintain a slow and consistent tempo. Walk 11 mins in the morning and 11 in the evening.
  • Day 7 – Walk for 25 mins. Maintain a slow and consistent tempo. Walk 13 mins in the morning and 12 in the evening.

WEEK 2 – Change the pace from slow to moderate

  • Day 8 – Walk 14 mins. 2 mins slow, 10 mins fast, and 2 mins slow cool down.
  • Day 9 – Walk 16 mins with a moderate tempo.
  • Day 10 – Walk 18 mins. 3 mins slow, 12 mins fast, and 3 mins slow.
  • Day 11 – Walk 20 mins with a moderate tempo.
  • Day 12 – Walk 22 mins. 4 mins slow, 14 mins fast, and 4 mins slow.
  • Day 13 – Walk 24 mins with a moderate tempo.
  • Day 14 – Walk 26 mins. 5 mins slow, 16 mins fast, and 5 mins slow.