A Man Saw A Homeless Kitten By The Side Of The Road! The Cat Begs For Help!

One day, David Gallant, a resident of Quebec, Canada, was returning home along the highway with his son Todd. Suddenly, on the side of the road, they saw a thin kitten. It was a homeless kitten. David and his family love animals very much. They never pass or pass by those who need help.

Devi’s further actions always depend on the animal itself. If he is not afraid, approaches a man, and “asks” for help, then a kind person takes him home and finds new owners on his own. If the animal is afraid and does not want to make contact, then David informs the local shelter about it, so that professionals can help the homeless.



David stopped on the side of the road. The kitten was very happy about this – he ran up to his father and son, and began to purr, and rub against his legs. So, the Gallants took him home. First of all, they tried to feed the baby. But this turned out to be a difficult task.



It looks like the kitten has not eating normal food for so long that it was even difficult for him to swallow. Then Barley (as the foster child was called) had to be bathed. With the help of tweezers, fleas were removed from him, which were not washed off. The next day, Barley was taken to the vet.



After examining the teeth, he estimated the age of the kitten at 6-7 months. The Gallants were very surprised – the baby was very tiny and looked like 2-3 months at most. Now Barley lives in a large friendly Gallant family along with other animals. The cat grew up and became a very good and kind pet.

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