A photographer filmed deer in a Japanese park during sakura blossom, and these shots look like a fairy tale in reality

Sakura blossoms are beautiful, deer are cute. And if you combine them, you get a real fairy tale! This was proved by Japanese photographer Kazuki Ikeda, who photographed deer grazing under cherry blossoms in a park in the Japanese city of Nara. The shots are so magical that they seem to be the creation of an animator, and not real life.

A park in the Japanese city of Nara is a popular spot for photo shoots, and local deer are frequent models

The Japanese city of Nara and its park are known far beyond the borders of the country, and all thanks to the local inhabitants. More than a thousand sika deer live here, which have become the hallmark of the local park.

People also come here to admire the cherry blossoms

Photo sessions during the cherry blossom season are very popular, so dates are booked in advance, although no one knows for sure when the trees will begin to bloom – this largely depends on the weather.

And when sakura and deer meet in one shot, it turns out to be a real fairy tale!

A local photographer managed to capture animals in petals, and it looks truly magical

Fabulous reindeer didn’t mind eating special treats

Photographer Kazuki Ikeda reveals that he took this footage the day before Japan imposed coronavirus restrictions

All subsequent photo sessions had to be canceled, so Kazuki calls this shooting a “farewell gift” of the cherry blossom season.

Deer roamed Nara freely before, but quarantine gave them more freedom

The animals got out much farther than the park and devoured flowerbeds while people tried to stay at home.

This year it will no longer be possible to see deer in sakura flowers, so Kazuki suggests visiting Naru next year – he hopes that by that time the restrictions have already been lifted.


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