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A romantic photo session of a dachshund who will soon become a mother touched social networks

Vicki Miller, a photographer from Queensland, spent only 20 minutes on a job that could bring her, if not worldwide fame, then a minute of triumph on the Internet for sure. Her pet, Cindy, is an outrageously photogenic dachshund, who is about to give birth to five puppies very soon. 

The idea was from the series “Come on, for fun.” Many expectant mothers want a photo shoot with a belly for show, flowers, ribbons and in the background of nature, so that the hand and eye of the photographer Miller are full. And it was not possible to organize a similar labor procedure for the sake of doggies, since Cindy is an extremely obedient and docile “model”. And this is her first pregnancy – the calculation was made to please the lovers of dachshunds. And it turned out that half of the Internet fell in love with Cindy’s pictures.

Vicki Miller vows that when the puppies appear in a few weeks, there will be a professional photo session with newborns. Maybe even the daddy dachshund will be involved in the process if they figure out how. You don’t need to look for him, but he is far from being as calm in the frame as Cindy. We’ll come up with something!