A Story That Proves Animals Have Feelings Too: Kittens Do Their Best To Protect Sick Cats!

One day, a girl named Megan came across three stray kittens on the street. They hugged each other and pitifully called for help. The girl tried to find the mother of these babies. But to no avail. The adult cat was nowhere to be seen. They were either lost or their mother abandoned them. Then Megan decided to take the kids with her.

After all, if they are not helped now, they could die of hunger and thirst. When the girl bent down to take the kittens, she noticed one unusual feature: two of them lay on the sides and warmed the third. Later, the girl guessed the reasons why the kittens were lying that way.



It turned out that one of the kittens, a girl, was born sick. She could not walk on her own or even hold her head. Her two brothers tried to help their sister in any way they could. Already at home, Megan warmed, fed, and watered the trinity. The girl already had one pet at home – a dog named Betty.



She gladly accepted the kids. Moreover, Bitsy became a foster mother for the mustachioed trio. The dog fell in love with the adopted children at first sight and surrounded them with love and care. Most of all, she cared for a sick girl who required special care.



Thanks to the fact that Bisti helped her, the kitty began to recover. Within seven days, she learned to walk slowly and hold her head. That’s how a foster mother of a different kind saved the baby. As they say, there are no other people’s children. This rule applies even in the animal world.

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