A Touching Story About A Cat Who Regularly Visits His Owner’s Grave For 2 Years: “See You In The Next Life”

Animals also have feelings like humans, especially dogs or cats who have been with their owners for many years, they deeply understand what love is.

They all have their memories, even when you are gone, they always find familiar scents or places to relieve nostalgia and unforgettable memories.



This kitten comes from a small town in Italy. After its owner died, it visited its owner’s grave every day, rain or shine. When this cat arrives, it often lies or sits on a gravestone, sometimes a tree branch, as if it were remembering the time when its owner and he played together when they were alive.

That cat’s name is Toldo, it was saved and raised by its recently deceased owner like now. Since then, Toldo visited his master’s grave every day and brought small but very meaningful. The gift usually consists of leaves, sticks, twigs, plastic cups, or tissue.

A neighbor recounted seeing Toldo wandering around the cemetery all day: “I went to the cemetery with Toldo today, on the way back, someone I knew told me to believe the cat was there earlier this morning.”


It all started on a funeral day when Toldo followed his master’s coffin out of the house cemetery. The next morning, an acquaintance of the cat owner came to the grave again: “We went to the graveyard with our daughter and found an acacia tree branch on the grave.

I immediately thought it was the cat, but my daughter didn’t believe it and said it might be because she was too emotional. “However, that night she returned to the cemetery and found the cat Toldo standing there alone and looking at the tombstone with pity”

She said that her late friend had a special relationship with the cat. He adopted a cat from a pack of feral cats when it was just a kitten.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes in the relationship between Toldo and his owner, with some trying to drive the cat away when it visited the grave: “Some people chased the cat away by throwing bricks. kick the baby. Some people believe that the animal’s presence in the cemetery disrespects the deceased.”



Despite those sad actions and words, the cat Toldo persisted to visit the grave of your master every day.

“The owner of the cat is a very nice and affectionate man, he loves animals very much especially Toldo the cat, I think he wants to show his gratitude” – Neighbors said

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