A unique animal in a veterinary clinic

It was only through genetic analysis that Melbourne experts were able to understand what kind of creature was in front of them. In nature, these do not occur in principle, the chance of occurrence is negligible, and survival is even less. Still, he is here and ready to surprise everyone.

Just admire this fabulous creature

It is very small, almost fits in the palm of your hand

You are not the first to notice a resemblance to Pokemon Pikachu. In fact, it is “Fox Cousin”, a distant relative of the possums, an Australian aborigine. In nature, they have dark fur, with a gray or reddish tinge. Sometimes it happens that the level of melanin drops catastrophically, and the skin of the animal becomes light – such cases are described. But this person had a serious genetic disorder and instead of dull hair, she received a bright golden color. Maybe this is not the first time, but there are no exact descriptions, so we have a unique one.

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